Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bugs Bunny Lasagna

Well friends, this latest trek comes to a close. Tomorrow we race across our last five or six hours to Rome for dinner – a run through St. Peters, and then we fly home to the US. This – our last night out is in the nicest five star place I’ve ever been to – Massaria San Dominico – and tonight I had five star rabbit lasagna.

As I mentioned before, we are on the Adriatic side of Italy now near the City of  Savellatri. The olive orchard just outside our room has trees over a thousand years old. It’s a 500 hectare facility with olives, grapes, figs, lemons, plums, roses and nearly every vegetable – most of which are used to produce the daily necessities for the hotel. The only thing you can’t do here is take pictures.

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