Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rainbow Trout

It's been a great week up here so far, showing Alex a good time. And
thanks to Greg and David and Washek and Leda and Warren and everyone
who made him feel at home. What a perfect ending to a great trip!!!

I heard the line snap taut and saw the rod bend over. I jumped up
yelling instructions while scurrying down the rocks like I was still
ten. He'd caught a big one, I knew that. Like a true sportsman, he
worked him - stepping over rocks as he pulled back and forth. "Let hi
run" I said too many times - borrowing a net from another fisherman
across the stream. I sacrificed a little bit stepping into the water
to scoop the fish. In one lucky "lacrosse" maneuver, I had all five
plus pounds in the net. We both smiled ear to ear.

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