Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Obamarama and Bling

I was driving into town when I got a call from Jeff. He was standing on my porch in a rare visit from Corpus. He'd brought with him a pal from Columbia name Juan Pablo. I turned around and went home. No most of the time when Jeff shows up it's to see if I have any open bottles of wine or whiskey laying around that he can nurse and prep himself for going out. We used to make jokes back in the day about the DZ's showing up at a mixer, walking in to say hello, but then grabbing two drinks and then going back out to their car where their boyfriend was waiting. Old trivia but I hear it hasn't change much in twenty five years. 

So I come home and visit. Juan Pablo is studying in Corpus and his father is a photographer in Columbia. My M4 was sitting on the pool table with it's 90 round drum clip in the receiver. When he saw it, his mouth opened wide like he was in awe. He said that in Columbia they are not allowed to own or possess such weapons. He said he'd never seen on so close. Well, it was unloaded so I let him pick it up - which he promptly wielded across the room in some sort of tactical maneuver - Jeff and I both ducking out of the way. 

We couldn't let him get away without having something to show the kids back home - and so we shot a couple of portraits for his Facebook page - I bobbing his teeth and ears to make him more appealing. He's now got the coolest Facebook avatar in all of Columbia.

Oh - and I have new bling wheel on my truck for the forthcoming Obama years.

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