Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Day I Almost Became a Chump

The Day I Almost Became a Chump

As I sat this morning in bed – the day creeping slowly along behind the gray clouds, I realized sadly that I had arrived at the cusp and the precipice both – a precarious and daunting place that overlooked the destiny of a friendship. And in that bundle of promise had been so many hopes and dreams and plans, elemental parts laid in place by what could only have been a divine mason. Not unlike the yellow brick road of lore, it was a path in the landscape that leads through trial and torment to a better place. And leading someone to the path and to the promise at the end of the road, and then to stand on the path alone, knowing that you failed, that you can no longer sound the siren leading your allies home, it is indeed a sad, sad tale.

As I lay there and contemplated my thoughts, I considered the words patsy, chump, dupe, dolt, sap, sucker, lunkhead and oaf. A “Dork” did cross my mind but I do know what a dork is and since I have no real buoyant affinity for squid and krill, it did not apply here. I settled on the term, “Chump.”

And so, to entertain this circumstance with both dignity and respect, I have considered the amplitude of my demise by re-learning its true definitions.

A stupid, unintelligent or foolish person

A person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

A person lacking good sense, especially for being scrupulous, generous or unselfish

To chew or make a chewing movement

A thick heavy block of wood

The thick blunt end of anything, especially of a piece of meat

Long I stood there at the two roads looking down both as far as I could – this a casual reference to taking the path less traveled by. But today, unlike a Chump, I have recognized that I will take neither path forward and will quietly return home and determine my own destiny – and with a wave toward the sky, salute farewell to the old college try.

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