Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paris, Orsey Musee', St. Chapel, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower

July 31. 1991
It was a wet night & we got up a little soggy. I predicted good weather and we laft for Paris. We parked the car near the ROR in Versailles. A sign on the road said, "Attension Cures Sodomistic", meaning beware of priests who sodomize each other. Thought that was cute, curiosity for the motivation for writing it. We parked near the station and walked to town for a few minutes. There was a street market in town and I took some pictures of sardines - was fun. On the train to Paris - the engineer let me sit up front & take a few pictures. It brought back old memories. Got off in Orsey in Paris near the Seine River. We visited the Orsey Museum "Musee". Barbara went on her own and so did I. I asked one of the attendants there if I would take pictures. She was actually surprised at what I asked. She thanked me for asking and asked only that I not use a flash. It had been a train station remodeled to compete with the Louvre across the river. I took many pictures of the statues I most enjoyed. I would like to have my house with similar art. After the Orsey, I walked around the City of Paris - enjoyed most watching the people. We walked through the Louvre to Norte Dame. We looked for a Bato bus but it was too expensive. Barbara and I walked all the way down the Seine to the Eiffel Tower. We stopped at a small restaurant to eat a sandwich. There was a real vice young vietnamese cook there who took a liking to us and was very friendly. We finally made our way to the Eiffel Tower. Barbara didn't want to go to the top but I talked her into it. Victor will be mad because she wouldn't go to the top with him. We went just to the second floor and the sun was perfect. I took several pictures of the city w/many large thunderstorms in the background. Then we went to the top and watched the sunset. Barbara took it OK as the wind was light and didn't sway too much. After the sunset, we went back down to the second floor where we waited for darkness to fall and the city lights to come up. Debate - bat or swallow or chimney sweeps. I took several pictures of the city. After about 11pm, we took the train back home and went to bed late. MB woke us up very early. Most important of the day - I called J and was a little nervous in doing so. I guess I just wanted to know what he thought of the writing I did. I really felt like he'd hauled ass. I know how I think & feel. He does not and that's what creates the conflict. Perhaps we will talk later. He seemed half positive on the phone - very expensive - life is short & I wish him well.

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