Saturday, November 27, 2010

Moon's Shadow Cast

It seems I have arrived at a point in life where I wake consistently
about five minutes before my alarm goes off. Alex called two minutes
later to be sure I was really going to get out of bed. I'd laid my
clothes out the night before and had found my
CTMC scrubs to wear
underneath everything else. I started the coffee as I loaded the car.
As one good cup percolated, out the door I went. Alex met me at the
gate at about 5:35. The four wheeler wasn't liking the cold weather
but blessed us with a ride into the back forty. The Moon's faint
shadows cast - the wake of the wind, silent and distant, then racing
overhead, through the tree tops and tossing the leaves. Numb fingers
and toes - Rosie cheeks -
hoodies pulled taut. The feeder swinging
the corn at sunrise and we wait. Bird wings ripple the air overhead -
brief, couple, doves, low flying by. An owl swoops in silhouetted sky.
The sculpted winter clouds move quickly against the trees -
creaking, cracking branches. The break of dawn's warm light high in
the clouds. Squirrel eating the corn. Cold dripping sniffling nose.

No deer today. But Alex spied a fox on the road - road kill -- and in
practice made perfect, skinned to tan before the lunch hour. Dang -
have to drag the plants in - it's gonna freeze hard. Fox fritters with
chipotle salsa - our boutique breakfast taco.

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