Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dog People

I live in a funny town and being a dog owner, I am blessed every day by the presence of other dog people - folks who like dogs, own pets, or are filled with some sort of moral appreciation for man's greatest loyal companion. Unfortunately, so too are there people in this town who steal dogs to fight them, or filet them into skirt and make tacos. I know, it sounds odd eating a labrador taco, but they are supposed to be good.

Kodak, my black lab, is on the horizon of her next life. She had another seizure yesterday, a sign that here time is coming to an end. Bugs, my young two year old Chocolate Lab is a bundle of energy who will chase a tennis ball for hours on end. But when she was a youngster and had her first heat - she went next door to the Dillons and let their boy boxer have his way with her. When she would come home, reluctantly, she totally looked like she'd been pulling a train at a fraternity house for days on end. Lucky for me, she did not get pregnant and end up putting her kids in the nursery at the High School while she finished her elementary education - like so many others in this town.

You know how we are with our first loves - forever after, we compare our relationships tenor with the unbridled race of the first. Tyson, the very beautiful Boxer from down the street, and Bugs, my beautiful little lab from here are childhood sweethearts. And despite the fact that both have lost their reproductive capacity (fixed), they are best friends. Each day they long for each other's company. They french kiss, roll around naked, skinny dip, practice cunnilingus and fellatio(doggie style), and even pretend screw now and then(also doggie style). But what is the cutest of all is when the sleep together - like a couple in each others arms.

So here's the problem. They are a cute couple, but if they get out together - they run and run and run all across this town. Thank goodness they both have have big name tags with big phone numbers and so far, good people have rescued them and held them at bay until either I, Cathy or Mike or Alex go pick them up. Last week they were darting around in traffic on Ranch Road 12 at Wake the Dead Coffee shop - more than a mile from here. Holy Crap. And then again, a good guy stopped his truck and loaded them up in the bed and called my cell phone. Today, Kate Peterson had them at her house on Loop Street - keeping them still with bacon strips.
One of these days, someone not so nice is going to seize the opportunity to take advantage of two wayward dogs. Tyson will become a fighter - kicked and teased and harassed until he fights in a betting ring. Bugs - my cute Bugs - will be a back yard pachanga of carne guisada tacos.

Love each day like you have no tomorrow - oh so true.

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Dan Misiaszek said...

Admirable calligraphy. You have gone to the dogs.