Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Winds

All afternoon the wind howled out of the South. As evening approached
the clouds grew thicker and darker and you could just feel the energy
in the sky. And this old house on the hill makes every bit of noise
when the wind is howling like this. Just now, having gone outdoors to
move things that might be harmed by heavy rain or falling branches, I
could finally see the lightning coming from the west. There was a
light rain falling nearly sideways with the wind. The windows rattle,
whistle - and in the biggest gusts of wind, you can actually feel the
house sturdy itself against the gail. As the storms approach, the wind
will calm, its force all rising upward instead of crossing the
landscape. It's 12:21am, and I am just now noticing the wind beginning
to slow - the lightning brighter - soon the storm that is sure to
come. I should go to sleep, but I can't imagine being able to rest
knowing that in short order, the tin roof will be awash with a flood
of rain, the lights flickering from the lightning, and so much to
witness. It's nearly quiet now - the faint dull rumble of thunder as
if from an approaching train. It has started to rain - the line almost
here. I will power down the house and sign off. I love nights like

FYI: 2.53 inches of rain overnight. 

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