Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Russian's Gratitude and Self Actualization

This past week I had the honor and privilege to go to Las Vegas to celebrate Alex's 21's birthday. It was good fun and there are parts of it that none of us will ever remember. I had not originally thought to go - resigned to the fact that I would just miss it and that I would make a gift for him and celebrate at some other point. And while he was away, his short texts and thoughts so genuine - and then his offer to buy me a ticket if I would just come to Vegas to celebrate with him convinced me that I would regret missing this milestone event in his life for as long as I lived if I did not go. And so I found a ticket and a place to stay and sent him my good news.

"I'm teary eyed. You just made my trip. Thank You. Man - I love you so much." - he said

And yesterday I took him to the Tap Room for a beer and a burger - his first bar drink in Texas. And last night he went to a bar on his own to meet a girl. What fun I have had watching him grow up - this the sixth birthday I have celebrated with him. Although - he was in California for his nineteenth birthday - but we had a big party here without him.

So this morning as I drove with my dog Bugs to get a coffee - in the morning light and morning air, I felt the sense of self satisfaction, happiness and tranquility of a sort that I know happens on only a few occasions in life - a place where our feeling of accomplishment and inner peace makes everything that in life is not so helpful - worth every minute spent in toil.

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