Monday, October 13, 2008

Brown Water Blues

John and I went up to Klein Lake today in search of Elk. It was cold out – perhaps 8 degrees Celsius.  We stopped along the side of the lake so that I could photograph a pair of Clogs I spied,  that were abandoned by some previous traveler. It would turn out to be a dire warning that I completely missed. The reflections on the lake were beautiful – a lake surrounded by fallen trees, moss, beautifully colored maples. I stepped out on a makeshift dock made of floating logs, lumber and pallets – a place where people probably went to fish on the lake. The oddly constructed path led to a large tree trunk on the water onto which I intended to jump. Alas – one of the floating logs was just that – a floating log, not tethered to anything but its own buoyancy. When I stepped on it – as if to follow a path of stepping stones – it was no match for my sturdy foot and into the cold drink I went. John says from afar as he hears the big splash – “wow, they do have big fish in here.” As he turned to look, there were only my hands being held aloft, holding my camera into the air. 

No harm done though. I finished my hike in my wet shoes and boxers – light green patterned print with open fly. I eventually put my pants back on at a Canada Petro station – at the yellow pump across from the lady in the minivan. And I took the picture I intended to take. 

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