Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hockey Schtick

My pal John here is a wildlife biologist whose area of expertise is fisheries. He does a lot of work for the government managing development projects that may impact water quality and fish stocks. He’s a tough old hockey player with bad knees and knuckles that look like they’ve been in a scraper or two. He has three sons – James, Benjamin and Willie – all who seem to have inherited his athletic ability. I traveled with John through Well’s Gray in far Eastern BC two years ago – with Jan from Holland and Roger from Dallas.   

John has a real attachment to the land – its natural order, color, diversity and beauty. An accomplished writer, John has a real knack for word smithing compositions of words that describe well the texture, color and sounds of things we find in nature we find difficult to describe.

We will meander each day somewhere here in the woods. This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. John’s Plains Indian friend will be here this weekend to take us into woods to track Roosevelt Elk and a pack of black wolves. A remarkable human being John says – a big fellow with long black hair down to his waist.

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