Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Conversation of Late

You know with all of this Bin Ladin stuff going on I feel like I'm supposed to be happy for America but I'm not. I feel like there is so much corruption even in our government due to the almighty dollar and I have lost faith in our military actions as iff the Bin Ladin killing is a good thing. I feel like we just fueled the fire not extinguished it like the media is saying. I just had to get all that out. Wooooo for a Monday.

Dear Patrick,
In response to your text message.
If we are indeed elevated, and by that I mean that we occupy the upper 90 percent of the human population, have been blessed with education,introspective ponderings, congerings, creations, and consider ourselves intellectually gifted in terms that we possess the capacity to observe and consider dilemmas, circumstances, problems from a variety of points of viewand can therefore exercise the unique human gift of critical thinking - heretofore, reason - then we should not gloat at having succeeded in killing Osama Bin Laden. Simply recognizing that justice has been done
is quite sufficient. No one, as an example, should take pride in having an abortion. Whether we believe in the woman's right to chose, or visa versa, no one of sound mind can truly believe that an abortion is a good thing - it is indeed unfortunate. It is unfortunate that a woman has had to make that choice. It is unfortunate that we have been forced by circumstance to seek and to destroy OBL. I think a sigh would be more appropriate - for it is not the choice we would have
made had circumstances been different and to our liking. The reality of the World is that the forces of the natural kingdom are cruel - and humans among them are the worst. There is a struggle afoot between light and dark, good and evil, morality and immorality. The looming question is who occupies what perspective - and this is determined by the luck of the draw and by where we are born. Morality is justified, regardless, upon the foundation of the circumstances of our birth. Our morality is all together different than theirs and both equally as powerful and inspiring - which leads, alas, to War. Good must conquer evil - and will. One man's trash is another man's treasure - so too of Good and Evil - metaphorically speaking of course.

I am so proud, blessed, and happy that I have a friend like you! Actually, brother would be a more appropriate word!!

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