Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Flight Over

I flew on an Al Italia Airbus 330 and not a 747. It seems on Tuesday, they get this particular machine. The seats did in fact make out into a bed. And the food was amazing - black truffle pasta, salmon and Guinea hen. I was awaken during the night by one of my fellow passenger who'd had too much Grappa, rummaging through the galley looking for something to steal. He ended up taking a handful of First Class Toiletry kits. Whatever.

A car met us at the airport - a beautiful black mercedes driven by a Romanian fellow named .....can't remember. We checked into the Hotel de Russie - the overall nicest Hotel I've ever been in - short walk from the Spanish Steps. The Pizza De Poppolo - just outside the front door hosts the 150th anniversary celebration of the Police here. It should be pretty interesting. There are helicopters landed there this morning.

As for the City - I walked everywhere yesterday late into the night - all the way from the Colosseum to here. It is a safe place in general and as long as you walk as if you are something more than a Dork - people will leave you alone. The summer travel season is already here with several US High School tours already trekking around the city. Paula and I went across town to a small restaurant in the academic district - a neighborhood with artists apartments and such near the Roman Forum. Great, great home made pasta a cheese - good wine. We walked all the way across town to get back home. We slept till 1.

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