Saturday, November 12, 2011

Give Your Best To Life Each Day

When you live with faith in others
Then you learn to trust and care
When you live with generosity
Or your instinct is to share
When you live with warmth and kindness
Then that kindness warms your heart
And it makes each day a sunny day
Right from the very start

When you live with peace and patience
Then you somehow find the way
Of turning frowns and troubles
Into happy hours each day
When you live with understanding
And you try to see the good
Then you never lose the hope you have
In lasting brotherhood

When you live with truth and honor
You have real security
For you know that you’re respected
And that you’ve a right to be
You can make the world a brighter place
And your own life happier, too
If you live with all these good things
For life gives them back to you.

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