Monday, November 14, 2011


Each day the next is surely towing, and time too quick is past us flowing.
Each day is shorter, shorter growing; no sign at all that time is slowing.

We know from tests of speeding that, Einstein was talking through his hat,
The scale of time but faster goes, for fact it cannot be it slows.

Perchance the Friesians did not know just how a clock is supposed to go.
And when they put their clocks in space, they set them at too fast a pace.

When large it is the rate of v, then small becomes the pace of t
Perhaps therein the answer lies, a piece that always with you flies.

For sake of theory must it be and faiths in science guarantee,
At the speed of light the time will still, and then will pass just as you will.

Carl H. Deal  

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