Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AD / Erik Pettit - Lost Letters

“Saying “thanks” and thinking, too, How very nice it was of you.

Thanks you for being the bee’s knees. Thank you for being a brother and a teacher, and most of all for sharing your lessons and experiences with us, and telling us how important that is in life. We’re sooo glad you’re a member of our tribe. I personally have always disagreed with that saying…you know the one…the one about how you can choose your friends but not your family? That’s just ridiculous. We have the most amazing hand picked family in the World. I LOVE us. Thank you for throwing the most awesome graduation party ever. It just wouldn’t have gotten done at all without you. And I really can’t even convey with words how much it meant to us. Two awesome wonderful boys who are all too used to getting the short end of the stick, got to have an exceptional and special day. And there are so many other days that you’ve helped make special. Thank you for being an adult who cares…thank you for making me feel less alone. Love you brother. P.S. I hope you like that cheese-tastic rhyme.
Erik William Grayson Pettit

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