Monday, October 1, 2012

Washek Pfeffer - The Math Dinner

The Washek dinner was great. I baked some baguettes and a chicken dinner. Bronwyn made a Pavolova. Washek was good fun having finished his work at Rice and was glad to get the drink on - said he was so tired of Mathematics right now he didn't want to talk about it anymore. He was there working with some other preeminent mathematician on a math problem of some sort - which they successfully proved apparently. Alex made the martinis. Washek hit on everyone else's girl. Anyhow - it was great to see Washek and Lida both. We've been trying to put this dinner together for four years now - and something  has always interrupted it. And - it seems Washek has just published another book on his integration proofs. He says he will send me a copy, but that I will only be able to read the cover and preface - so it's like the last one. Randy's girl Natasha asked Washek what exactly it was that he does. He said to her, when you take a little wire ring and dip it in soapy water to blow bubbles, you like that because it makes bubbles. I consider all of the forces at work and explain why the bubbles are made mathematically. They leave today for Santa Fe.

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