Tuesday, March 17, 2009

760 Nanometers

Hello Friends...
As we speak, David Heisler is changing planes in Phoenix in route to Texas and mighty San Marcos. Today is St. Patrick's Day, it's Spring Break and SXSW starts this week in Austin. I'm afraid this will be a drinking week. And nearly as exciting is that my new Color Digital Infrared Camera is in - arriving only yesterday. I shot a few pictures this morning - will try people throughout the week. And certainly, as the foliage becomes more robust, IR will be bouncing around everywhere. Infrared is a long wavelength not discernible to human vision. Green plants reflect it. Water absorbs it. Among its properties is that it travels in a straight line through atmospheric contents - undisturbed by dust, moisture and smog - and will penetrate skin, making blood vessels and bruising visible beneath the surface. And - included herein is one picture of my porch project. Lots to do, but it will be finished eventually.

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