Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This past Wednesday I ventured North into the Dallas Metroplex to visit my good and trustworthy friend Roger Moore and to lecture at the 21st annual Geotech conference being hosted there. Roger - who is my sooth sayer when it comes to the state of the economy and where our train wreck ends, gave me a good bit of insight into the future. What was most interesting of course is his constant counsel that the only person with responsibility for your welfare is yourself and so - be wary when depending upon anyone but yourself when managing your health, your wealth, your safety and certainly your investment strategy. He reminded me of the staple Merrill Lynch office joke - "well the builder made money, the broker made money, the company made money, but the client lost money - three out of four isn't bad!" 

The Geotech conference is a regional educators conference where teachers from far and wide come for extracurricular education in a variety of topics. I did a three hour talk on color theory as it relates to human color vision, the science of digital photography, and the use of specific wavelengths for identifying and documenting evidence. It was great fun but three hours is just about my limit. 

Pictures by Roger Moore of RogerMoorePhotography.com

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