Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Lone Star State

For the last three years, I have been fortunate to accompany my friend Terry "Tex" Toler - a writer, marketing and advertising mogul, wit, sooth sayer and walking Wiki of all manner of minutia, trivia and flotsam - a mud brick makin, stucco slingin, dog not disciplining, desert plant knowing, sotol loving West Texan, word smith and divining rod - to the Annual Celebrate Texas events that surround Texas Independence Day - events held in memory of the day that Texans defended the Alamo on March 2nd, 1836. And the most enjoyable of the lot is the annual dinner and program at Terry Boothe's ranch near Cypress Mill, Texas. 

It is a gathering and pot luck dinner where alcohol is permitted. Often dressed is western attire, and period ware, Texans and their friends celebrate Texas with live music, food, libation, poetry, and the reading of William B. Travis's last letters - perhaps the most eloquent and patriotic letters ever written, a program that ends with canon fire.      

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