Sunday, April 5, 2009

Indian Fight

I got my shot of the indians fighting. Saturday is fight night in Boquete - not only in the boxing ring but on the street. I was so tired I neither went to town or to the boxing match. And this morning at 8:15am - my last morning here - I went to town. The smell of a jail on a Saturday or Sunday morning is bad - the aroma of still drunk people. I walked into this block where the wind smelled like the jail - I rounded the corner - and there was a full on indian fight - a drunken fight over coffee picking hierarchy. I will load the image tonight before I leave for home. I'm off now to have lunch with National Geographic photographer George F.Mobley - who yesterday returned from an adventure in Columbia. One of Mobley's great career projects was to photograph the Kennedy White House on a three year gig back in the day - which you will recall became even a more historically significant project than it had been intended.

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