Monday, April 20, 2009

Panama and Isla Paridita

As you know, I spend whatever idle time I can traveling to places I have not been, study  new languages, learn about different cultures - and see the World. It is a beautiful World - and when my long time friend Jeff invited me to visit Panama, I was eager to go. 

I've driven in Palermo in Italy and found it to be among the most challenging of anyplace I have ever been. Driving in Panama City is a close compare. After a night of rest, Jeff and I drove across the Country into the mountainous region around Boquete and Volcan Baru - the highest point in Panama. The landscape was lush and forested, the climate cool and comfortable. 

Boquete is a small city of retired ex-pats from around the world, and a larger local community of farmers, business people and families. The mountains that surround the town are cultivated with fields of coffee - picked almost exclusively by native indians. 

The town square is bustling with pedestrians and backpackers and busses - the hub of traffic throughout the region. The people are friendly. But I came to visit an island - one of Panama's lost islands, miles to the West and out to sea - a place called Isla Paridita.


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