Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vino De Milo 07/2007

It doesn't look as though I will have as much time to write as I had anticipated. We are very busy each day taking pictures or moving from place to place. We shoot this morning in China Town and then fly to LA - and from there West across the states - ending up in Texas for a few days - on the way to Louisiana.

Yesterday we shot portraits of the most interesting fellow - an 86 year old Mexican immigrant who moved here in 1943. He is the vineyard manager - retired - for Francis Ford Coppola's vinyards in Napa and worked on that paticular land since moving here. He has four children, eight grand children and nine great grand children and is still as sharp as a tack and is apparently quite an Icon among the wine producers in the valley. He said that the most exciting time of year for him was in the winter when trimming the vines and in September at Harvest time. He said that after many years, you get to know a vine by name, recognize it, and are glad to see it again - some better than others. Lunch with Jim Laube, Editor of Wine Spectator.

We are shooting four to six portrais a day. The first production meeting with Disney is on Tuesday in LA.

I had a big plate of crab yesterday too -floating in butter. Yeah Lipator!

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