Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding- Carl and Virginia Deal 1941 - Duke Chapel

A Note From My Father - Carl Deal - August 4, 1941

Saturday Night,
Dear Family,
As you may have suspected I arrived here quite safely Tuesday morning. Since that time all has been going well enough. I spend my mornings in the photography lab and my afternoons are in the Chem. building. It seems that I shall work on dipoles next year for my research and I have been learning to run the apparatus - it is quite an elaborate setup and measurements can be made on more dilute solutions than anywhere else in the World. I have some literature on the subject and have been trying to do a little reading too.
I wrote Agness & Herald yesterday. I shall have my final exam on next Saturday and will then be ready to come home. However. I shall have to have about $5.00 in order to eat the last day or two and in order to get home.
I am getting my questionnaire ready to mail tomorrow.
I guess that is all. Be good. See you next weekend.
Love Carl

Tuesday, February 15, 2011