Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Alexey Dillon Birthday Quote

You my nigga. You will always be a part of me. I will never forget you Carl Hosea Deal.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Summer Vacation

Basically - Alex is on his summer vacation. July 4th is Monday two days from now. July 11th is his 20th Birthday. I have his car and am working on it while he is gone. I replaced the battery yesterday. Today I replaced a vacuum line on the engine. Tuesday it gets new springs and shocks - if I can manage the spring compressor on my own. Friday a new headliner goes in - by a pal. When he gets home - his car should be good to go for another 50000 miles. It will be one year since he got the car when he gets home on the 22nd - it sitting idle for three weeks - and he will have still managed to have driven 29000 miles in one year. It's his very own magic carpet ride, that's for sure. And today - I installed a new AC unit in my office - to preserve my computers actually. It has been a hot year. Even though I have not been disciplined at the gym, it seems I have some residual strength, constructing the thing outdoors and then hauling it upstairs to the window. And then of course - after a couple of glasses of wine - I once again called DLink to manage a network problem with one of my Raids. Wow - after seven calls, this guy knew exactly what to do. It mounted right away on my Mac - and I once again have the 750 gigs of stuff I thought was afoot. I just counted - I have 41 hard drives here. Holy Crap. Happy Independence Day. It seems I am going shooting on monday - high powered rounds aimed at cans of red, white and blue paint. So too are we all supposed to build our own cannon - as the drought has put off fireworks for now. Fun!