Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skinning Fox

Moon's Shadow Cast

It seems I have arrived at a point in life where I wake consistently
about five minutes before my alarm goes off. Alex called two minutes
later to be sure I was really going to get out of bed. I'd laid my
clothes out the night before and had found my
CTMC scrubs to wear
underneath everything else. I started the coffee as I loaded the car.
As one good cup percolated, out the door I went. Alex met me at the
gate at about 5:35. The four wheeler wasn't liking the cold weather
but blessed us with a ride into the back forty. The Moon's faint
shadows cast - the wake of the wind, silent and distant, then racing
overhead, through the tree tops and tossing the leaves. Numb fingers
and toes - Rosie cheeks -
hoodies pulled taut. The feeder swinging
the corn at sunrise and we wait. Bird wings ripple the air overhead -
brief, couple, doves, low flying by. An owl swoops in silhouetted sky.
The sculpted winter clouds move quickly against the trees -
creaking, cracking branches. The break of dawn's warm light high in
the clouds. Squirrel eating the corn. Cold dripping sniffling nose.

No deer today. But Alex spied a fox on the road - road kill -- and in
practice made perfect, skinned to tan before the lunch hour. Dang -
have to drag the plants in - it's gonna freeze hard. Fox fritters with
chipotle salsa - our boutique breakfast taco.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poo Steam

Cold foggy morning laying in its bed.
Silence still resting its weary head.
Restless dogs are at the ready.
The first footsteps are hardly steady.

This old house is frozen too.
A sweater, yes for me and you.
Water droplets drip outside
Flowers glisten diamond eyed

The sun casts sideways through the house
Shaddows long - a golden dowse
Creeking wood with every stair
Toenails race from here the there.

Ahh – the morning times fine warm convection.
Not this time a sweet confection.
Something steamy, warm and wet.
A breakfast treat left by my pet.

Too familiar to be a dream.
Fresh as toast with rising steam.
So keen a nose when they wiff and smell.
All the contents they could tell.

For me it’s just an awful waking.
Forsaking – a chance for picture taking.
But unlike last time I did not step
Into the morning breakfast “Crepe.”

And as the shadows crawl the wall
I know the day will all in all
Be great and warm and another miracle
A blessing each and often satirical.

Carl Deal

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Erik Pettit

These pictures are amazing Carl, I am glad that you came to the unicycle football game. I hope that you enjoyed being a witness to the wonderfully weird concoction that we call a sport here in the beautiful town of San Marcos. I enjoyed being a part of your party on All Hallows Eve, and so did my girlfriend and my goofy friends and family whom you welcomed with open arms And I know that I don't have to tell you just how good the party really was due to the surprise that you and Alexey walked in on in the middle of that night. haha So from getting to know you for the short, yet long time that you have been in Alexey's life and now mine I can tell that you are a pretty damn good guy And I would like to Thank you for all the things big and small that you have done for me.