Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brad Neuhaus in LA

Mentoring Brad

This past weekend, I was contracted by the father of May UT Grad Brad Aaron Neuhaus to coach him in the process of networking in Los Angeles. Brad will soon graduate with a degree in corporate communications and in addition to the opportunities that curriculum will offer, he also has an interest in the entertainment industry and acting. And so we flew to LA and met with corporate leaders, engineers, photographers and actors - all of whom were willing to give Brad the advice and council he needed to hear. We visited Modern Film Video Inc. - one of the top post production houses in the US where television and motion pictures are finalized or broadcast real time around the world - and just so happens to be the home of iTunes. Brad had a good visit with Greg Gorman, toured Dreamworks, had a round table dinner with people working in the industry - and finished with Breakfast staring Days of Our Lives actress Melanie Dupuy. It was fun, I am home, I am tired - and while I flew home to Texas, Brad went surfing for the first time at Venice Beach with Greg Bonnet.