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Amiens, Beauvais, Giverny, Rambouillet

July 28, 1991
Amiens, Beauvais, Giverny, Rambouillet
Woke up early in Bertangles. Went for a short run, had breakfast and packed up for the day. After packing, we drove to Amiens - a medium sized town with a large Cathedral. I took several slow pictures. Had lunch outside. We then went to Beauvais to see another church. Giverny for a third and then to Versailles. We couldn't get a camping site so we went to Rambouillet where we had a nice camping site. Almost didn't get in. Went to bed after a glass of Jenever. Slept OK in the small tent. It was very warm.

Bertangles, France

July 27, 1991
Schiphol to Bertangles
When we landed in Holland, it was about 11:30am on Saturday. Time had changed by seven hours. I was very tire. And it wasn't as cold as I expected it to be. Walked out of the plane, went to Immigration, went to baggage claim & then went through Customs. No one said anything to me. I was surprised. I walked straight through with no search. I had to stop for a minute because I thought that I had done something wrong. I walked outside & sat on the curb with my pack and my camera. Lots of interesting people to look at. I felt like everyone could tell I was foreign.
Barbara arrived in a short time. We packed the car & off we went. We drove through Holland and Belgium for several hours. At about 6:30 of 7pm, we pulled into a small town in the North of France called Bertangles. We set up camp on the grounds of an abandoned Chateau. I was still too sired to sleep. I went for a run & took pictures till sunset, looking around the town. Slept like a baby until about 8:30 the next morning.

Alexander Van Eeton

July 26, 1991
Left Texas for Amsterdam
Went to work early in the morning. Finished IA-1991-1 for the Chief. I guess I cleaned off my desk of stuff & saved it for later. Went home about noon and finished packing. Victor gave me a ride to the airport. Easy job. We got out of San Marcos late but got to the airport OK. Got onto my Continental flight real easy - checked my bags straight through. I walked from the main terminal to the International area. My plane had not yet arrived. I called Denise to see if I could get my International AT&T Card Number. Denise wasn't home. Called Mrs. Grant and talked for a while. Called Jeff & told him what I'd send him with the contract & all - strange. At about 7:30 I boarded my flight & took off for Holland. The 747/300 "Wilber Wright" was a nice plane and seemed well cared for. The desk clerk has been from Austin and gave me an empty seat next to me. I sat next to a real cute kid from Austin named Alexander Van Eeton, He was going to Holland to visit his Grandparents. We talked most of the trip and I found him to be very pleasant. I guess he was 12 or 13. He wants to be a cop or a doctor. The stewardess spoke with a interesting sound of English Dutch. She had typically Dutch discolored teeth but was nice. I asked her for a whiskey. She didn't know what I was talking about so she told me to pick the bottle. She poured me a large glass of Jack Daniel's Black Label. Had a glass of wine later with dinner. Tried to sleep but the seats were very uncomfortable. There was this one very ugly lady who laid down on the floor in front of me, flopped out her big tit & started feeding her baby.
Landed in Holland on Saturday afternoon - Easy Flight
36000 ft. 620mph -70C

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